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Luis Silva has been a full time, professional trainer for over 25 years.  Luis works with all levels of athletes, from first-timers to old-timers, from the simply curious to the most serious competitors at national and international events.  However, what separates Luis from other on-line multi-sport coaches is that he has a wealth of experience training the over-40 athlete. As an active 51 year old triathlete himself, Luis particularly understands the effects and demands of age on the multi-sport endurance athlete. Luis is uniquely skilled in utilizing strength training, diet and nutritional guidance to help older multi-sport athletes maximize their race performances as they, well, age up.  As a husband and father, Luis also understands the balancing act that is required to achieve athletic success as a hobby while still meeting the demands of career and family. 


Luis carefully designs his athletes training programs based on their real life demands, skill level, age and health to maximize the results from their training regimes.  He is also available to coach specific techniques any multi-sport athlete can use in trimming critical seconds and minutes from race results.


The Multi-Sport Athlete

Luis gives the term multi-sport athlete new meaning.  Prior to immigrating to the United States in 1995, Luis was one of the most prominent athletes in Portugal.  In 1977, he won first place in the Portuguese National Gymnastics Tournament, placing first in all around category, as well as the floor, pommel horse and parallel bars events.  After a two year stint in the Portuguese Air Force, Special Forces (paratrooper), Luis won the Portuguese National Championship in judo (middle weight division) in 1983.  Two years later, he won the Portuguese Power Lifting Championship (light-heavy weight division). 


In addition to competing in a myriad of sports competitions, Luis became the co-owner of the Estoril Praia Gym in Cascais, Portugal.  Through his gym, Luis sponsored and coached many young European bodybuilders and was himself Portugal’s most accomplished bodybuilder for over a decade, winning numerous European championships.


After moving his family to the United States, Luis won the prestigious Mr. Florida competition in 1997 (open division) at the ripe old age of 38.  Since Luis was always also an avid cyclist and runner, in the late 1990s, he took up the sport of triathlon with the same tenacity that he attacked gymnastics, judo, power lifting and body building.


The Triathlon Coach

Luis has been training and coaching athletes on a full time basis in numerous sports since he immigrated to Miami in 1995.  While his clients include athletes of all ages, walks of life and interests, most are over 40 professionals who are active runners, cyclists, triathletes, duathletes or bodybuilders who compete on a regular basis in local, national and international events.


Luis is also fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.



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